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Iron Range Yellow Jackets Hockey T-Shirt

The Iron Range YellowJackets hockey team were a short lived team that played in the Minnesota Junior Hockey League (1999-2002). Iron Range won the regular season title and playoff championship all three seasons. During their first two seasons the Yellow Jackets played home games at Hodgins-Berardo 'snake pit' Arena in Coleraine.  In the teams final 2001-02 season they called the IRA Civic Center in Grand Rapids home and doubled their schedule by competing in the SIJHL in the Thuder Bay region of Ontario, Canada.  In July 2002 the Yellow Jackets suspended operations in hopes of returning in 2003-04.

This shirt features the Yellowjackets jersey logo (taken directly from a game worn jersey) on a t-shirt made from heathered texture and soft tri-blend 50% polyester, 37% cotton, and 13% rayon has a distinctive, yet comfortable vintage feel that you'll want to wear everyday, with accented VMH back shield logo.