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Bill Goldsworthy 'Goldy Shuffle' T-Shirt

Bill "Goldy" Goldsworthy was a fan favorite for the Minnesota North Stars, and a 4 time All-Star to represent the franchise.  His "Goldy Shuffle" became synonymous with cheering fans in Bloomington, MN at Met Center following a goal during his tenured career, and upon retirement was the leading goal and point scorer in franchise history.  Partnered with the Goldsworthy family, VMH created this shirt featuring Goldy's distinctive Goldy Shuffle, with 1970's style font, with accented Goldy Shuffle Foundation back logo. This antique white t-shirt was created in heathered texture and soft tri-blend 50% polyester, 37% cotton, and 13% rayon has a distinctive, yet comfortable vintage feel that you'll want to wear everyday.   A portion of proceeds of sales from this shirt will be donated to the Bill Goldsworthy family charitable foundation - Everyday [Goldy's] Shufflin'