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Northland Glass Fused/Northland Custom Pro Hockey Stick

For the first time in over 30+ years, the Northland Hockey Sticks, born and revolutionized in Minnesota are again available to purchase.  The original Northland Ski Manufacturing Company was founded in 1911 as the C. A. Lund Company in Hastings, MN - later of St. Paul, MN.  At one time over 90% of amateur and NHL players were using "Northland lumber" during game play.  Northlands tag line read as: "Recognized wherever hockey is played as the world's finest hockey stick".  The sticks today are produced at a wood sick plant in Canada by the current "rights holder" of the Northland Hockey name, and are available in a vintage straight blade with x2 variations of vintage Northland artwork on them: (Northland Glass Fused, and Northland Custom Pro Glass Fused).  THERE IS NO RETURN OR WARRANTY ON THESE STICKS if broken or used in game play, as they are mainly for nostalgic, and autograph purposes - these make for a fantastic coaches gift, or for player autograph signings.

 More info on the Minnesota stick that changed the game can be found HERE